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Is eBay Selling Still Worth It?

Is eBay selling still worth it? A question most online sellers now ask themselves.Most of us will remember when eBay blossomed. The site was a pioneer of eCommerce. Making selling online accessible for the masses. We all probably remember the TV advert showing us how anyone could buy and sell anything from your home, even if […]

eCommerce New Year’s Resolutions 2016!

New Year means a new beginning for lots of people. With New Year’s resolutions on the forefront of the mind: whether it is a resolution to lose weight or learn a new language. Everybody has got their own idea of what they would like to achieve. For many eCommerce store owners, their resolutions will be […]

Top 6 Shopify Apps for 2016

We are all looking forward to the New Year ahead. New Year for many signals a time of reflection, whilst creating a list of new goals and aspirations too. For Shopify store owners especially, it is very important to look forward to the new year as eCommerce is a time sensitive business and it is […]

Shopify SEO for Beginners – A Guide

At Shopi SEO, we have many inquiries from a wide range of Shopify store owners. Many of them realize the importance of Shopify marketing and (obviously) want to draw more visitors to their store. However, not all of them have come across the term SEO before (otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization.) Therefore they do […]

Top Tips on How to Boost Facebook Page Reach

Many online businesses are tearing their hair out over Facebook page reach at the moment. They social media giant has slowly changed the Facebook news feed algorithm. In turn this means that posts from business pages are not shown to users as often, meaning for many, less sales and brand visibility. Unfortunately it seems that […]

Ecommerce Customer Retention Strategies for Shopify

When opening a store, you may think it is all about attracting as many new customers as possible to the website. However there are many eCommerce store owners that are definitely missing a trick! In fact retaining your customers can be far more profitable than attracting new ones. A statistic from Econsultancy says it costs […]

Ecommerce Customer Service: Tips & Tricks

The internet is one of the quickest ways to voice an opinion. Therefore the reputation of your online store could be diminished within minutes of a bad review. Especially with the rise in numbers of customers who take to Twitter to expel all of their shopping woes. Keeping your eCommerce customers happy with quality customer […]