Beautiful Shopify Store With No Sales? Let’s Figure Out Why…

Have you created a beautiful Shopify store, yet are struggling to get a single sale? It can be sometimes hard to get an eCommerce store off the ground and the first sales can be the most vital when starting an online business. No matter how good your Shopify store looks, it simply does not matter if you have no visitors. Therefore it is important to make sure your Shopify store can get a sale as quickly as possible. For both motivational purposes, and to dip your toes into the eCommerce world. As Shopify experts, we are familiar with many of the obstacles that Shopify store owners can come across. In this, we will examine some of the most common issues that could be preventing your Shopify store getting it’s all-important first sale.

Make sure your Shopify menu is well designed

One of the most important functions of your Shopify store is the navigation. If a customer cannot browse freely and easily, they might click off your store and you will miss that all important sale. A search box and neatly organised collection pages are imperative to make sure that your Shopify store is customer friendly. The easiest way to find out if your Shopify store is well designed is to use it as a customer or get a friend to. Get them to be really critical and write down their thoughts as they are browsing.


Do a tester check out

With Shopify, it is easy to see if a customer has added something to their basket. If you are getting lots of potential customers shopping but not checking out, you may want to check the following:

  • Do you have enough payment varieties in place? Not everyone has a Paypal account so you may want to make sure that you have a payment gateway set up so that you can accept credit and debit cards. Shopify has recently created it’s own payment gateway, with Stripe, which makes it very cheap and easy to set up too.
  • Is it easy to get to the basket? When you add something to the basket is there a pop-up telling you it has been added?  Does it automatically give you the option to check out? These little things can be the difference between making a sale or not. If a user cannot find out how to check out, you could have some real conversion rate issues.

shopify store coupon pop

Capture visitor’s details

You may find that you are getting visitors but no sales on your Shopify store. Therefore you may want to re-market to those who have already viewed your store. It may be a good idea to come up with strategies to capture your visitor’s details. You could make it mandatory to create an account to checkout. You will then be able to send abandoned cart emails to those who do not make it to purchasing. Another clever way of capturing details is to put an incentive on your website. This may be a discount code or another special offer. A great Shopify application for this is Coupon Pop which allows you to give your customer a discount code for signing up to your newsletter. Giving you the option to advertise to this potential customer over and over again.

Use your social media pages

Social media is a hugely powerful advertising tool and one you should be adding to your marketing arsenal. By utilizing social  media you could build a brand following and hopefully get sales too. Make sure to cover Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and also Instagram. These are the highest converting social media channels and are easy to gain traction on.


If you need help with your social media marketing then get in touch with us today. Our team can help you strategize for, or even manage your social media channels.


Invest in a little advertising

You may want to invest in some paid advertising to get the sales on your store going. There are a few options for this, but getting your head around Google Adwords may be the best port-of-call. All Shopify store owners get free Adwords credit to test Google advertising. This will show you the possible return-on-investment available to your business and attract instant visitors and sales. Unfortunately a huge advertising budget is not the best option in the long term. You may want to instead invest in quality Shopify SEO to rank in Google organically rather than paying for advertising. Which brings us to…

Are you visible on Google?

A sound Shopify SEO strategy is probably the number one way to get sales on your Shopify store. Most consumers now find products and brands they want to buy through search engines. There are two types of optimization that  Shopify store owners should be considering. The first in onsite opimization. Without onsite optimization, your Shopify store will not be found on Google. The trick is to find low competition and high volume keywords to describe the products on your store and implement them on Shopify.

You can read about our Shopify onsite optimization services here.

The second type of Shopify SEO is offsite optimization. Offsite optimization is used to help your store become trusted by search engines. Several techniques can help to increase your domain authority and improve rankings for your chosen keywords.

For more help on improving your Shopify SEO, get in touch today. You can call +44 (0) 207 205 4303 or email us on


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