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Designing an eCommerce Logo For Your Store

When you run your own business, there are many things that you need to take into account if you want it to be a success. Because of this, there are certain important issues that might get side-lined along the way, and one of these issues is the eCommerce logo that you have for your store. If you think about some of your favourite brands – whether you know them from the high street or the internet – you are almost certain to be able to conjure up an image of their logo in your mind. Any good business will allow customers to do this – and you must be no different. The right logo can make a huge difference when it comes to attracting new business to your website, so it is vital that you take the time to think about what’s important, and the key considerations that you should make when you’re designing your logo. The tips below will help you to design something that will work for you and your business, and this means that you should notice an improvement in sales before you know it.

Take some time to research what eCommerce logo types already work for other companies

It is always good to have an idea of what you’re going for when you’re designing an eCommerce logo, and if you take the time to look at other companies who have great eCommerce logos you should find that you can get some ideas for yourself along the way. Don’t just think about the brands that you recognise instantly – have a look around some smaller online stores and see what works for them. By taking ideas and inspiration from the best of the best, you should find that you are able to design something that would work for you.

Don’t be afraid to re-work your logo ideas

Designing an eCommerce logo isn’t just about making one design and then sticking with it – it’s about making a prototype based on what you think will work, and then tweaking small things about it until it looks exactly right for you. If you design something that doesn’t work at all, you should never be afraid of starting from scratch, but if you look at your output and aren’t sure what is wrong then you could find the solution by just making a few simple changes to the design. Trial and error can often produce the best results, so don’t be scared to make changes if you don’t believe that what you’ve already made is perfect for your needs.


best ecommerce logo designs


Keep it simple

If a customer is confused by your logo, they aren’t going to want to stay on your website for very long. Although you may think that it would look fun and exciting to use intricate detail, different fonts and text sizes, and patterns, this may simply confuse the customer. The simpler the better, as your logo can then be understood right away even if only viewed for a short period of time.


Make it memorable and individual

Nothing’s worse than having a logo that looks too similar to that of another brand. At best, customers may get confused and not even notice your store in comparison to other similar logos. At worst, you risk getting sued for breach of copyright, which could be damaging to your company in the future. A good logo will stand out in the mind of your website visitors, meaning that they’re more likely to remember you and return to your eCommerce store again.


Advertise your USP to all who see your logo

Every company will have a unique selling point, and this is often what will be the first thing to attract visitors to your website. If you can, you should try to include this USP somewhere in your design. This may either be with a simple image or a tagline – either way, if people are able to see what they can get from you that they can’t from anywhere else, you are much more likely to gain their business.


Consider whether your design choice is appropriate

There are many different designs that you could choose for an eCommerce logo, but it’s important that you are sending out a message that complies with your brand as a whole. For example, if you’re selling electronics then you wouldn’t want a logo based around a beach theme – as it would be dissonant with your message. You should have a meeting with your store team and think about exactly what you want your logo to say. Once you have designed (or chosen) your logo, look back on the notes from that meeting and make sure that it meets the brief entirely. If it doesn’t, you should tweak your design until it is perfect.


Don’t rely too heavily on current trends

You want your logo to stand the test of time, and if you base your design upon current and short term trends, it may not do this. It is important to have a logo that will stay with your company in the long term, because it’s not good for business to change it as the new logo will not be familiar to your customers, so having one that will remain fashionable and on trend in the long term is incredibly important.


Think about the message you’re giving through colour

Although you may not think it matters what colour you choose for your logo, research has shown that, psychologically, different colours can give out different messages, and for this reason you need to make sure that you have considered the message that your colours might give before you make your final choice. Red, for example, could signify passion, love and danger, whereas black could show fear and luxury. There are many other colours that point towards different emotions and, although you shouldn’t base your entire design around this theory, it is certainly worth considering if there are certain emotions that you would like to avoid.


Ensure that your logo can be viewed on mobile devices

If you have a mobile version of your website, it is important that your visitors will be able to see your logo, too. Will it need to be resized if viewed on a smaller screen? If so, it is important that visitors will still be able to make out the detail and any text that might be displayed on the logo. You should also think about other places your logo might need to be displayed, such as letterheads, email signatures or even on printed clothing if you want company uniforms. One logo needs to be designed so that it would be able to fit perfectly onto all of these items.

Ecommerce logo design

Ultimately, if you take the time to consider your options before rushing ahead and creating a logo for your brand, you should find that you are able to design something that would work perfectly for you. The right eCommerce logo can not only bring visitors to your store, but it can also make sure that they wish to visit you again in the future – which is the key to good business. By considering your best options with regards to  eCommerce logos, you will be able to make something that advertises exactly what you do, and that is by far the best way to get the right kind of attention.


It is also worth remembering that time is money. So if you do find yourself stressing for too long over your eCommerce logo there are companies that specialize in professional logo design. This will eliminate the stress and guarantee you get the best logo for your store.

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