Shopify Plus Advantages

The Difference Between Shopify & Shopify Plus

If you have taken the decision to use the Shopify platform as a basis for your eCommerce store, then you are certain to want to make sure that you are subscribed to the best plan for the needs of your business. With this being the case, there is a chance that you have considered Shopify Plus. Having the right plan means that you will be able to make the most of your sales, and maximise your profits, so it is important to know the difference between the plans that are available to you. Choosing the right plan involves weighing up the cost of the plan versus discounts on any charges that you may have been hit with on the free plan – and working out which would get you the best deal is by far one of the most essential things when it comes to picking the right choice for your own store. The great news is that many of the differences are outlined here in this blog, meaning that you can be sure that you are making the right decision for your store. If you would simply like to try it for free then follow this link for your free shopify plus trial.


Plus could save you money on your transaction fees

If you have a high number of sales on your store, you could find that any transaction fee will slowly eat away at your profits. With Shopify Plus, you can work at a 0% transaction fee, which should save you a lot of money in the long term. The cheapest transaction fee on plans other than plus is 0.5%, and this can add up quickly, meaning that a store with a large amount of sales could benefit from a plus plan. The Plus membership starts at $1000 per month, so if you are regularly spending more than this on your transaction fees for a free membership, then there is a chance that investing in an upgrade could help you to increase the amount of profit that you are able to make from your store. It can often be helpful to know exactly how much money you’re going to be spending each month rather than it depending on how many sales you make, as it can be a lot easier to keep accounts this way.

shopify plus advantages

Plus allows for simultaneous subscription and purchase options

If you have options in your store for your customers to subscribe to products, then Plus is a great option, as you will be able to offer this at the same time as a one-off purchase in your store. This means that customers will only have to go through the checkout process once, and therefore means that they will be more willing to complete the subscription than they would have been if they had needed to make two separate trips to the checkout to finalise each part of their purchase.

Use your custom domain at checkout

When you subscribe to a Shopify Plus plan, you will be able to use your domain for the whole of the checkout process, meaning that your customers will not have to switch to at any point during their purchase. Often, customers can be wary of any change of domain, as it can sometimes point towards an illicit website – and having the chance to use your own domain throughout the process gives you the chance to avoid this. It can make the whole checkout process seamless, rather than making your customer feel as though they are using two different websites to make their final purchase. This is a tweak that can ultimately look much more professional, and means that your website domain will be on display for customers to see at all times, meaning that they are absolutely sure about where they are buying from.

Use different currencies for payments

When you’re using a non-plus Shopify plan, you will only be able to accept payments in one currency. Sometimes, you may find that customers are wary about paying in a currency that they are not familiar with, and this means that they could be more likely to use a store that offers them a currency that they can understand immediately. The majority of customers will want to choose a shopping experience that is as easy and safe as possible for them, and if they are able to use their own currency it means that they know exactly how much they are paying – many customers won’t want the hassle of having to work out exchange rates. With Shopify Plus, you will be able to use up to three currencies, meaning that overseas customers can switch to whichever currency they feel the most comfortable with. The most common currencies to switch to are UK pounds, EU euros and US dollars, however the currencies that you eventually choose for your store are entirely up to you.

Shopify plus advantages

Get a success manager assigned to your store

Although you may have plenty of ideas for your store, you may find that there are certain things that you struggle with, and for this reason it is great to have access to a merchant success manager when possible. An outside input is often very valuable when trying to make a successful store, and with Shopify Plus, this is included in your plan, and this means that you will be able to contact them if you ever need any help to find solutions to various issues that you struggle with. You will also have the ability to contact a launch manager who will help with the initial start-up of your store – the most important time in the lifespan of your eCommerce business. You may find that their input is invaluable, as they will have plenty of experience and knowledge about how best to handle the process of setting up a brand new store. They also have great contacts in development partners, and will be able to remove any barriers to success that you may have experienced on your own.

Offer discounts to your customers

Shopify Plus is an excellent plan if you would like to be able to offer discounts to the customers who choose to shop in your store. There are a number of different discount methods that are used, including allowing you to make bundles of products, or add offers such as buy one get one free. In addition to this, Shopify Plus gives you the chance to offer different prices to different groups of people – so if you have certain clients who are VIPs on your store, they will be able to get their own special price on the products that you have on offer.

Make the most of an amazing storage limit

With Shopify Plus, you are given an amazing 200TB of storage, meaning that there is little chance that you will ever reach this limit. This means that you can focus on improving your store without having to worry about your storage, and this gives you the opportunity to put your energy into making improvements that will really give your store the chance to shine in the future.

Enjoy a higher API limit

If you would like to integrate apps into your Shopify store, then you may have worried about whether you would have the ability to do this without hitting your API limit. The great news about Shopify Plus is that this limit is high enough so that it is unlikely that you would have to worry about it at all. This means that you will be able to make it so that every bit of your store is completely integrated and working seamlessly, which is great news as it means that your store will be much easier to use and navigate.

Make the checkout process your own

With a normal account on Shopify, you won’t be able to customise very much about your checkout experience. With a Plus plan however, you will have the ability to control the CSS and javascript, meaning that you are able to optimise the process to the best of your ability.

shopify plus advantages

Be the first to know about new features

With a Shopify Plus account, you will have the option of trying out new features before members with a non-plus plan. In addition to this, you will be asked to be a part of the development process, which is certain to put you ahead of similar stores in your industry. With a Shopify Plus plan, you are certain to be amongst the biggest and highest rated stores on the platform, meaning that Shopify really will want to ensure that you have the best experience possible.


Although you may well be able to get everything that you need with a non-plus plan if you have a smaller Shopify store, you may find that the more you expand, the more you would like access to all of the features that the plus plans have to offer. With the personalisation options on Shopify Plus, you really do get the chance to make your store your own, and this could certainly be beneficial in the future.

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