eCommerce Design Trends of 2017

The development of eCommerce websites pose challenges as website design constantly evolves. eCommerce design trends of 2017, for example, have shifted from desktop web pages to mobile applications that people love to use regularly to shop. As user patterns change each year, new concepts are being introduced. eCommerce business owners and web designers alike cannot afford to get left behind from the latest developments. If you are looking for quick and easy ways to update your eCommerce store: then look no further.

What are the new eCommerce Design trends 2017?

It is no secret that the online business industry has become big business and that it continues to grow every day. Since eCommerce is dependent on user demands and new technologies, it is vital that your website is highly designed and should correspond to your customers’ idea of how it should look and work to their expectations. 

Make Your Focus Mobile Design

If before, designers had to build desktop pages that can be incorporated to mobile web pages as the trend of online shopping intensified, then web design takes a 180 degree turn. Starting in 2017, eCommerce websites are now prioritised by their mobile functionality. With the increased use of mobile phones and tablets: online shopping is now at a next level. Responsiveness and a great checkout, that works seamlessly on mobile, is one of the

With the new concept of mobile websites, the following aspects have been re-evaluated and incorporated to mobile designs.

ecommerce design trends 2017 hamburger menu

Hamburger Menu

More mobile websites are now using the hidden hamburger menu on the left. The popularity of hamburgers are expected to continue in the future. Desginers were first worried to use this menu, incase it led to a bad user experience. However, this year, Google and other leading sites are now using placing the hidden menu on the left side for easy detection of site visitors on mobile. Making it simple for 

Wide Screen Width

Mobile websites are designed in such a way that pages fill most of the horizontal space. As this pattern influences the desktop version of the website, users will see pages with smaller margins and more white space. The content almost fills the full screen width which results to larger images and text.

Large Icons, Buttons and Typography

Large prints convey an assertive and powerful message to customers. They create a huge impact on multiple aspects of user experience such as readability and mood. Typographies are now large and flexible to look great on all kinds of devices. Most websites are using full-page photo backgrounds, high quality vibrant photos and large icons to attract their customers. This technique helps build a strong brand identity and engage potential customers into buying your products and services

Cinemagraphs – the return of GIF

ecommerce design trends 2017

Animation has played a big role in digital interfaces. In 2017, eCommerce designs become more visual to help build more opportunities for customer engagement. Interactive designs such as rotating icons, cool buttons and Cinemagraphs grab user attention. Cinemagraphs are still photos with subtle repeating animations in GIF format and is one of the emerging eCommerce design trends. Animations and cinemagraphs give life to your otherwise boring website

Bright and Playful Colors

If in the past years websites were all about minimalism, this 2017, the latest trends experiment on bold and striking colors. Bright colors in eCommerce websites help create a positive shopping experience for customers. With the use of demographics, colors can be assigned to specific age groups and their user preference of the site. The explosion of bright and playful colors is set to continue this year and next.

Material Design

The Material Design motif for android devices was first introduced by Google in 2014. Since then, it has become a spontaneous way to lay out eCommerce mobile and desktop websites. The influence of Material Design is expected to continue and evolve this year as more and more sites tend to adopt its distinctive strategies such as the card-like lay out and responsive transitions to  establish their brand.


The integration of Artificial Intelligence into website designs is now becoming a trend as the demand for a personalized shopping experience increases. Bringing in digital assistants show how your business can innovate to serve your customers better. These chatbots are incorporated on websites to answer general queries on products and services from visitors who are often potential buyers. Many eCommerce platforms such as Shopify are now using chatbots that offer gift codes and shipping notifications in order to give customers the best shopping experience.

Custom Photography

Photos are primarily used to market your brand. Tailored-fit images are essential to properly convey your brand identity. Hence, authentic images are now becoming a trend in eCommerce as owners aim to provide their customer the best representation of their products. Not only beautiful large images are being displayed on home pages but original product photos are also uploaded to inner pages. Stock images will be used less and less as more brands aim to sell their products and services more effectively with customized photography.

Enhanced Security

Years ago, online security only seemed necessary after a system has been hacked and data has been breached. But with the emergence of eCommerce and the increasing trend of online shopping, cybersecurity has now been given importance. The malware attacks and data breach statistics of 2016 has led to the improvement of security measures for online businesses this year. eCommerce websites have incorporated the use of HTTPS-encryption to tighten security and give customers the confidence when shopping online.

We are half way through 2017 but more and more trends are emerging. The listed examples are expected to continue throughout the year but changes are to be expected as new customer demands arise. To ensure that customers get the best shopping experience from your brand, you need a designer that will constantly re-evaluate your current platform. Shopili is adept to the latest marketing shifts and eCommerce design trends to fully optimize your business’ potential. Visit Shopili today and get an expert to assist you with your website design.

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