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Why Get A Shopify Marketing Expert to Execute Your Shopify SEO?

Search Engine Optimization can be a confusing business. Especially for those who are not experienced in the realms of digital marketing! From our experience, many Shopify store owners that come to us have a very varying level of knowledge about SEO and marketing. However, experienced or not. Both store owners come to ask a shopify marketing expert to get their work done. Why? Because (as I am sure you may agree) eCommerce store owners have lots of tasks to do day-to-day. Wrapping, packaging, customer service, product updates, stock updates, buying new designs, sourcing suppliers: these are just a few daily tasks to get through!

Therefore concentrating on your Shopify store’s marketing and SEO can sometimes be put on the back-burner. Even though most savvy businesses know that they need SEO, they can keep putting it off as they just do not know where to turn or what they are really paying for.

Many clients come to us bewildered by the amount of SEO options that are put before them. However for Shopify owners the choice is a little more simple. At Shopi SEO, we provid  a Shopify -specific expert service that is completely tailor-made to help Shopify users. There are also a whole host of other benefits to using a Shopify marketing expert for your store, rather than an ordinary marketing provider:

Which leaves us with the question, “Why Get A Shopify Marketing Expert to Execute Your Shopify SEO?”

1) We know the Shopify platform back to front

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At Shopi SEO, we live, breathe and dream Shopify! Meaning that we know the actual platform from back to front. Although an ordinary SEO & marketer would do a good job. We can do it more quickly and thoroughly. This results in a better service and result for our client! There are also several little SEO quirks that Shopify has. It can be very difficult for someone not trained on Shopify to spot. For instance, tags, duplicate content issues, and working with Shopify’s liquid code are crucial bits of knowledge we have to get the job done.


2) We can fix any Shopify SEO issues

As we stated, our team of experts are trained to spot even the most difficult Shopify SEO issues. Even if a marketer who was not designated as a Shopify Expert could spot the errors: fixes are not always simple. Many old school marketers and SEO agencies are used to working on self hosted websites. These are usually much different to a hosted platform like Shopify. Therefore they simply may not have the knowledge to really fix the problems that we can.

3) Tried and tested methods

Around 75 percent of the work that we do at Shopi SEO is trialing and testing new ways to help our clients gain more traffic – and sales too. In brief, SEO is not a factual science. Search engines do not tell us how they are going to rank a website. Therefore for SEO to work, needs constant time and attention to get right. Search engines and social media networks are always changing, and that means they need testing too! Take the new Instagram algorithm for examples. Hundreds of store owners that relied on Instagram for sales now have to completely re-evaluate their marketing processes. A big shock for many. However, we had the heads-up and were able to completely re-strategize for our clients before the change was even made. The result? They are miles ahead of the competition. Of course this is not the case all the time – but by having a Shopify marketing expert on your side, you are certainly giving yourself the best chance of success.

4) A whole host of Shopify information at our fingertips

 shopify seo experts

At Shopi SEO, we do not just help our clients about their SEO and marketing solutions. We also give them heaps of Shopify advice on all manners of topics. Whether a client needs a new Shopify design, or wants help finding that perfect app to fulfill a very specific criteria: we can help you. Think of us as a company you can always turn to with any of your Shopify problems!

5) References available from owners in a similar position to you

It can be difficult to really judge whether an SEO and marketing company is the right fit. They may be helping a multitude of businesses, that all specialize in different niches. Therefore their references cannot really help you make the right decision. For example, an SEO company who managed to rank “Hairdresser, Malmesbury,” is not a great decider. If you think about it, this is localized SEO  – whereas eCommerce tends to be National or even Global. Also your products tend to be more general. It is important to choose a Shopify Marketing Expert that knows how to make you stand apart from the crowd more than any other.

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Alternatively if you would like some help from our Shopify Marketing Experts: do not hesitate to get in touch. Or perhaps you would like to begin with a free Shopify SEO audit?

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