google update July 2015

Google Update July 2015 – Slow Loading Warning

There are rumours circulating the SEO mill  about a new Google update July 2015.  As Shopify SEO experts we felt the need to pass on this vital information to store owners. As it is a rumour which could severely harm your Shopify SEO if some immediate action is not taken.

This year Google has warned website owners that being mobile friendly is the key to success and higher rankings. Therefore many Shopify store owners quickly turned to experts to make sure their shops were as mobile friendly as possibly. However it seems that they are not content with making sure that all websites are made mobile friendly, Google now wants them to be a certain speed standard too!

A blog was recently posted upon Search Engine Land stating that Google had begun testing to add slow loading warnings to Android search results. This means if your website takes too long to load a little symbol (as pictured below) will appear next to it. Not only does this mean that mobile users maybe turned off from using the website, but it could then in turn reduce your click through rate and therefore rankings for your Shopify store.

google update july 2015

What could this mean in terms of Shopify SEO?

In terms of Shopify SEO:

1 ) Instant drop in sales:

This means that your website could get this flag next to it in search rankings. Meaning visitors will drop to your website instantly if they are using a mobile device. Mobile shopping is bigger than ever, therefore if these users drop off, you could encounter less sales.

2) Long term damage to marketing

The more users avoid clicking on your store, the more damage is done to your click through rate. Damage to click-through-rate could be detrimental to your Shopify SEO efforts. A lower click through rate via Google means they will rank your site less “worthy” of being in the top results. Reducing the likeliness of ranking in Google at all over a certain amount of time.

3) Less returning customers

There are many customer retention strategies that can be implemented on an eCommerce store. Once you have managed to attract a customer via Google, you can easily capture details so that they become a potential conversion. By not attracting these mobile visitors, other online marketing techniques could be hampered. Such as email marketing, newsletters, promotional codes and sales. This could really cause some long term damage to revenue in the future.


4) Paying more for advertising

If you are not getting visitors through Google organic search, you will need to gain them in other ways.  This may mean putting more money into advertising such as Google Adwords. Unfortunately Google Adwords can be costly and extremely time consuming to anyone who is not familiar. This means you could spend a large budget with limited conversions and results. By putting this advertising budget into your Organic SEO efforts, you could save this money and rank naturally instead.

What can be done?

The solution is a very simple one. Make sure your website is up to speed to help with your Shopify SEO efforts. By fixing simple loading speeds, redirects and making your Shopify store completely SEO friendly. At Shopi SEO, our team of experts are ready and waiting to help! Just get in touch today for your free Shopify SEO audit to see how we can help!


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