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How To Build Ecommerce Trust For Your Shopify Store

The internet can be a scary place for potential shoppers which is why eCommerce trust is such an important part of owning an online shop. However it is a factor that many store owners do not address properly and therefore fail to convert visitors into sales. To put it into perspective, think about when online shopping first started getting big. Shoppers were worried (and rightly so!) about giving details such as names, addresses, credit card details to these anonymous stores online. Many shoppers (and eCommerce stores) were stung by fraudulent transactions in the early years as scam websites popped up to take advantage of these insecure details floating around the net. As it has become more commonplace to shop online, these worries have become less and less for many. There are lots of new laws in place, and ways to track a scheming digital footprint. This has helped to reduce the amount of online fraud.  Yet fears for shoppers have not disappeared completely! Online visitors are still wary about where they shop and who they give their details too. Therefore it is imperative store owners try and build eCommerce trust for their Shopify store.


What is eCommerce trust?

Ecommerce trust is a way of filling any potential customers with confidence if they are thinking of buying something from your Shopify store. It is about instilling the fact that your business is an established and solid brand that is not going to disappear from the internet once money has been exchanged. Obviously any online purchase has a certain amount of risk to it and you want to make your buyers feel as confident as possible.


Why do you need to build eCommerce trust?

No eCommerce trust means no sales, it really is that simple. Even if a customer would really like to purchase your product they won’t do it if they do not trust your store. It is vital to build eCommerce trust to enhance your conversion rates and turn visitors into customers! Here are some rules to follow to help you build eCommerce trust on your Shopify store:


1. Looks go a long way

A website visitor will usually decide whether to stay on your website or leave within the first 15 seconds. You have probably experienced it first hand yourself: Looking at a website and deciding that it does not seem “trustable.” Therefore, make you need to make your Shopify store really shine. Not only does this mean design, it also means functionality too. If the website seems too glitchy, looks unkempt, is still promoting a sale from 2013 and has bad content: you can kiss goodbye to those sales that you were hoping to make.  The best way to kit out your Shopify store is to get a premium theme that looks and feels professional. If you really want to impress you can hire a Shopify Expert to design you a custom theme.


2.Have contact information prominently on page

The number one sin that we point out on Shopify stores! Even if you want to keep your business, somewhat, online. An email address and registered business address is the very least that needs to be on the page. Ideally there should also be a phone number too – however, we know this does not work for every business model. If you have a physical shop alongside a Shopify store, shout about it! Post pictures on your store on your “About us” and “contact” pages too. This is probably the most reassuring signal you can provide to an online shopper.


3. Keep and up-to-date blog or don’t keep one!

Blogging is vital to SEO. It provides new and fresh content for the Google bots to scan, providing keywords, search times and shows your store is still “alive.” We are huge fans of blogging, however if your last blog post is from 2012, you may want to rethink publicizing that. There is nothing worse than visiting a website and getting the feeling that it has been neglected for so long. It definitely does not fill the customer with much trust that the business is even still alive. If you cannot keep on top of your blog, at least hide it away from the homepage.

shopify security for ecommerce trust

4. Keep security levels high

Security is imperative for any e-commerce website so first and foremost, any transaction on your eCommerce store must be 100% risk free. That is the beauty of Shopify, it ensures a secure check out with a range of options as your payment gateway.  For additional trust, obtain an SSL certificate from your domain provider. This encrypts customer data and secures it too.


5.  Use social media

Another way to show that your brand and business is kicking is to use social media. Make sure to post an update every single day if you can! Even if it is not completely brand-related, anything that interests your target audience is fine to use (within reason). No one wants a constant stream of sales on their social media anyway. The point of updating your social media frequently is purely for eCommerce trust and brand establishment. It will show that you want to interact with your customers and build relationships online too. It also adds another way for the customer to communicate with you about their order.


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6. Get customer reviews


Customer reviews are one of the most compelling ways to gain eCommerce trust. There is nothing like a thorough testimonial to get people to trust your Shopify store. It is so easy to implement with the Shopify reviews app, available in the Shopify app store. You can simply and easily reach out to your customers and offer them an incentive like a discount code to encourage them to leave a review. Even if all your reviews aren’t perfect, this actually makes your store look MORE trust-able. Glowing 5 star reviews on absolutely every product is unbelievable and also untrustworthy.


7. Don’t leave unexpected charges until checkout

Abandoned shopping carts are a huge issue when it comes to Shopify. The number one reason for abandoned carts is that the customer incurs unexpected charges at the end of their checkout. Therefore it is extremely important to demonstrate all the taxes and delivery charges right at the beginning. Otherwise you are likely to appear “scammy” and to lose the sale completely.


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