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How to make the most of Black Friday and Cyber Monday

When you are running an eCommerce store, particularly when it is your main job and source of income, you will always want to make sure that you make the most of all selling opportunities that you have during the year. Around this time of year, retailers are doing everything that they can in order to gear up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday – both of which are huge days in the world of commerce, and millions of pounds are spent by consumers on these days. Many people use these days that are often heavily discounted as a way to boost their Christmas shopping efforts, meaning that they can get hold of a lot of great bargains in a short space of time. If you are running a store, then you can’t really afford to lose the opportunity to make the most of the hype that is available around this time, and because of this you need to do everything that you can to make the most of it while it lasts. Doing so will give you the best possible chance of selling the products that you stock, and by enticing new customers in this way you may find that they want to visit your store again in the future – and they may well become regular customers.

Cement your deals well in advance

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The deals that customers are offered, and how lucrative they are when compared to other stores, will always be the deciding factor with regards to whether they would like to make a purchase from you or not. For this reason, you should spend plenty of time thinking about the deals that you are going to be offering to your customers, and make sure that they are enticing enough for them to sign up to your store and part with their hard earned cash. Of course, you will need to balance the books, too, and ensure that you aren’t going to be making a loss on the items you’re selling. It is never a good idea to offer unlimited amounts of deal items, either. You should display an amount remaining – and this could serve to add a little motivation for people to make the purchase, as they will see that it isn’t an offer that is going to be available forever.

Think about your email campaign

If your regular customers don’t know that you’re offering a deal, then they won’t be able to make a purchase, and for this reason you should make sure that you let them know about your weekend deals well in advance. This gives them the chance to think about it, and decide whether the offer is something that could be of great benefit to them or not. Usually, people will have a wish list in the back of their mind of things that they would buy if they could afford them, and if your email lets them know that something on this list is available at an affordable price, it means that they are likely to be persuaded. Also, if you can send your emails out in advance, then you are likely to catch people who are looking for certain items for Christmas gifts – and a good deal means that they are likely to buy the items from your store.

Advertise in the right places

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Spreading the word is by far the most important thing to do when you’re an eCommerce store owner – particularly if your store doesn’t yet have a regular following of customers, as this would mean that people would be unlikely to check your store for deals on a whim. Instead, you should be clever about where and how you advertise, as this means that you would have a much better chance of getting the attention that you need in order to make those crucial sales. Here are some great examples of places that you could use to your advantage.

  • Reddit

Although you won’t be able to advertise outright here, you should still find that people would be interested in the deals that you have to offer if you post about them in the right way. You should never directly post your offers to Reddit, however if you link them to subreddits that are focussed on saving money, you will find that people take your “advertisement” as advice and help, rather than as a blatant attempt to earn money from people. In order to get the best out of what you are posting here, you should always make sure that it is written in a way that directly links with the audience that you’re posting it to, as it is always important that things are as relatable as possible. With Reddit, it is good if you can post from an active and credible account – so if you have a personal account then it would be better to use this rather than creating something solely for the purpose of advertising, as this would look suspicious and more than likely wouldn’t get the right kind of attention.

  • Forums discussing deals

Ever since the economic downturn, there have been a huge influx of websites that deal with offers and deals, and a great number of people are members of such websites. There are usually dedicated forums which will discuss things like this, and by being a member of one or more of these, you should find that you can enter into discussions with real people who would be likely to be interested in what you have to offer. There are also websites where you could submit coupon codes for your store, and these are often very popular – as people love to be able to feel as though they are saving money when they make a purchase. Again, it always looks better if these things are being posted by a credible account, so you should make the effort to get involved in other aspects of the website as well as just the deal sections, as this will make you look much more credible.

  • Join Facebook groups

Social media is a huge thing to make the most of when you are trying to advertise something that you have in your eCommerce store. The great thing about using social media is the fact that you have access to a huge number of people from many different demographics – and this means that you have an excellent opportunity to spread the word to exactly the people who you are hoping to attract. However, if you choose to use this as a marketing option, you should take your time to make sure that you are signing up to the right groups. Firstly, you should try to avoid any groups that are public for anybody to join. These tend to get a lot of spam posted in them, meaning that anything that you post could be regarded as such quite easily. Also, you should make sure that the groups are active, and that they are relevant for what you are trying to sell. If you are posting in a group that is about something completely different, then it’s unlikely that you’re going to be able to attract the right kind of attention.

Follow through with your promises

If you want your store to be successful in the future, it is important that you always deliver exactly what you promise. This means that you should only offer as many discounted items as you can afford to, and ensure that you don’t “sell” more than you have in stock. If you do this, then you are likely to lose the custom of anybody who used your website, and you may also get yourself a bad reputation in the future. It is also important that you are able to cope with the increase in demand that you may experience around this time. You may need to hire more staff to cope with the delivery – but always make sure that you can deliver your items in the time that you have stated on the product page. Failing to do this could have a huge impact around this time of year, as people need to know when products will arrive so that they can use them as Christmas gifts.


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When you’re thinking about how to make your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals work for you, there are clearly lots of things that you need to consider before you can go ahead. Of course, the main thing is that you have offers that people are going to be interested in in the first place. If you are able to do this, then with the right marketing strategy in place to spread the word you should find that you can get the key sales that you need. This is great, as you can often find that once people have shopped at your store once they will be willing to do so again, and considering this time of year is so huge for consumers, it seems far too good an opportunity to miss out on.

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