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How to increase product page conversion rate

How to increase product page conversion rate

When you are running an eCommerce store, you will probably know that your product pages are the pages that receive the most visits out of all of the pages on your entire website. No matter how many visitors you have, it is always important that you aim to maximise your conversion rates whenever you possibly can, as literally any click onto your website could result in a sale at the end of the visit. Doing so means that you should be able to ensure that visitors actually make a purchase at the end of their visit, and this gives you the best chance to improve overall engagement with your website, and therefore boost your sales figures.


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However, when it comes to actually being able to increase your conversion rates, many eCommerce store owners don’t understand how they are able to do this in practice. This blog will take you through some of the ways in which your conversion rate can be improved, and this should give you the best possible chance of turning those visitors into the sales that you need at the end of every visit. This means that your eCommerce store is much more likely to be a long term success – as it is the conversion rate that is eventually going to make your store as profitable as possible.

Make sure you prioritise important information

When somebody clicks onto the items that you have for sale, there will be certain things that they wish to know about them before they actually make a purchase. If they are not able to get the information that they need, they may well choose to visit a different website, where the information is more freely available to them without them having to search for it. One key thing that it is important to display is the average product review from other buyers, as this means that there is the knowledge that the product is of a high quality, and that it is worth the money that the customer is potentially going to be parting with.

It is also important to give as much information about delivery as possible. For example, how long will it take to be delivered once the product has been ordered? This is an important thing to think about, as somebody who wishes to make a purchase urgently may need the reassurance that their product is going to be delivered in plenty of time. The delivery costs are also something that are important to display clearly, as this can have an impact on the overall price that a customer is going to pay in general, which could well have an impact on whether they actually choose to make the purchase or not.

Have an FAQ for products

As you get used to running your eCommerce store, you may find that there are questions that you are asked regularly about the products that you stock in your store. If there are questions that you are asked over and over again, you should try to compile a list of frequently asked questions, as this means that any customers who have the same questions in the future won’t have to wait for a reply to an email about the query that they have sent. This can save them a lot of time, and can avoid them simply choosing to use another store where their question might have been answered.

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Make sure your product photos are of top quality

If you are buying something from the internet, you are almost certain to want to see it in as much detail as you possibly can, and for this reason it is vital that you upload photos that allow your potential customers to do just this. It has been shown that larger photos are much more effective – perhaps because customers are able to see the items in much better detail than they would have been able to with smaller photos. It is great to allow them to see it from a number of different angles, and with all of the colour choices that you have available, as this means that no matter which variety of the product they would like to go for, they will certainly be able to see exactly what it is going to look like. You may think that it is tempting to use photos which portray your products in a particularly positive light, however it is more important that the photos are representative, as this means that your customers would be happy that they have received the item that they actually ordered when their orders are delivered to them. You should also consider having professional product photography to get the best images for your store

Give your customers the opportunity to write a review

This is important, as there is no better person to look to for advice about a product than somebody who has already bought it in the past. For this reason, allowing users to make reviews of your products is vital, as this means that they will be able to leave genuine feedback about the item that they have bought, which means future customers can get plenty of “real-life” information about their potential purchase. Giving your customers the ability to write reviews is great, as it can build up trust between yourself and your customers – because they will be able to see exactly the type of service that you have provided in the past.

Display trust seals clearly

Buying online can be a risky business, particularly if you are a new website that relatively few people have used before. With this being the case, being able to help build trust is important, and nothing is better for this purpose than trust badges from the likes of Norton or McAfee. This can help to give potential customers the boost of trust that they really need in order to make that final sale, and considering it is such a simple addition to your store, it is something that is more than worth it.

Spend plenty of time on your product descriptions


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If somebody is thinking about making a large purchase, they are certainly going to want to get as much information about what they are buying as they possibly can before they make that final decision. The product descriptions that are displayed are the main sources of information for people thinking about making a purchase, and for this reason it is important that all vital information is given in this section. You should focus on the key points that your customers really need to know about a product – with particular reference to what makes it stand out from other products of its type. The description is your chance to make an impact on your reader, and really make them want to purchase what you are offering.

Make live chat and support a key part of your system

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If something goes wrong while you are making a purchase online, there are a number of things that you could try. Emailing customer support is an obvious choice, however much of the time it can seem a lot easier to simply go to another store, where you don’t experience any of the issues that you might currently be having. However, if you were to install a live chat option, you should find that things are much easier to deal with when customers have issues, as there will always be somebody there to help them whenever needed. This added support gives customers the comfort of knowing that there is always going to be someone there, no matter when they need them, so they can therefore be certain that the checkout process is going to be quick and simple.

Give incentives to purchase

Everybody likes an incentive, and if you are trying to increase your conversion rates, it is important that your customers actually feel as though there is a good reason to check out and make that purchase. You may find that offering things such as free delivery when the item is purchased within a certain time frame would encourage them to make the purchase – as they would feel as though they were saving money when compared with what it would cost if they were to leave it for a little longer before actually clicking the button and making their payment.


In general, it is clear that if you are running an eCommerce store, it is vital that you are able to make the most of every single visitor that you get to your website. This means that every click is vital, so from the moment that somebody lands on your website, they need to be encouraged to make a purchase at the end of the browsing process. If you take the time to consider the information above, there is no reason that you shouldn’t be able to turn your store into a popular and vibrant website where people visit regularly, and this should have a great effect on your sales in the future. Even just a small amount of effort to try and improve things is certain to have great results in the long term.

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