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How to reduce abandoned carts on Shopify

When you run a Shopify store as a part of your business, you may find that you have constant issues with your visitors adding things to their carts while browsing around your website and then abandoning them before they ever reach the checkout stage of the process in order to complete the purchase. If you are thinking about how to reduce abandoned carts then you are right to do so – as this is something that would be able to increase your profits dramatically in the long term if you were able to address the issue, as more people would make the effort to complete the checkout process and reach the important stage of actually making payment. With this being the case, it is important to consider ways in which you can do this, as this is likely to be of great benefit to your store in the long term when it comes to the amount of profit that you are able to make. Sometimes it can be as simple as improving your shopify design.

Make sure you are upfront about all hidden fees

Nothing is worse from the point of view of a customer than making your way to the checkout expecting to pay a certain price, only to find that there is some sort of charge added by the time they come to pay meaning that the price they expected to pay is now much higher. This could be anything from varying charges for different types of products, to shipping charges, both of which are likely to make a customer change their mind about wanting to purchase the product at all which wont help you reduce abandoned carts. Chances are, if it is an item that they have saved up for, they literally won’t be able to afford it with the added costs – and for this reason it is important that you are upfront as soon as possible about exactly how much money the customer is going to be expected to part with. If there is more than one shipping option, it is a great idea to add this type of information to the original product page, as this means that you can give your customer as much advanced warning about this as possible.


reduce abandoned carts


Offer as many payment methods as you can to reduce abandoned carts

Thanks to the fact that your store is so easily available all across the world, you may have people from many different countries wanting to buy things from you. This is great, but it is only useful if they are going to be able to pay using a method that is simple and convenient for them. PayPal is often a good option to have, in addition to things like credit and debit cards, as this method is more accessible to customers from other countries. By allowing your customers to make a payment in a way that they feel comfortable with, you are making it much more likely to reduce abandoned carts, but also that they will be happy to continue to do so in the future – meaning that they will return to your store time and time again.

Make the checkout process as simple as possible

If a customer wants to be able to make a speedy sale, they may feel a little demotivated to have to fill in a form including a lot of personal information before they are able to buy the product that they need. Although you might think that collecting this type of information would be good for your insights, you should take care, as there is the chance that it may stop them from wanting to purchase anything from you at all. You should always give customers the chance to create an account, though, as this will make it easier for them to complete future purchases with you – and this is the stage at which it is great to get this type of information from them.

Allow your customers to feel as though they are getting a great deal

At the point of checkout, it can be great to give something a little extra to your customer – particularly if you know that they have never bought anything from you before. Something as simple as a pop-up offering a 10% discount could be just the encouragement that they need to get them to complete the purchase, and reduce abandoned carts.

Follow up via email

A lot of the time you can reduce abandoned carts with a simple email, as the customer only stopped shopping due to the fact they was distracted, and then forgot to go back to it afterwards. For this reason, it can help a lot to send an email a couple of hours after the user closed the browser, to invite them to complete the process. Then, if they still haven’t done this after 24 hours, another email with a discount code could give them that last push that they need to be able to complete their purchase with you. If a customer is undecided, even the slightest discount could make the biggest difference, and this means that it is definitely something that is more than worth considering.

Let your customers compare products

If your product is something that your customers could buy elsewhere, or there are similar things that they may have to decide between, a key reason for cart abandonment is simply that they are not given the option of comparing products. Adding this ability to your site is something that can be hugely beneficial, as it means that your customers can be certain that what they have chosen is the right thing for them, and this is likely to give them the motivation to go ahead and complete the purchase that they had abandoned.


reduce abandoned carts


Add a progress indicator to the process

People do things online because they want them to be completed as quickly as possible, and for this reason a customer might lose heart if they feel as though the checkout process is taking longer than they thought it would. For this reason, it is a good idea to add a progress indicator to the page, showing either the percentage of completion, or the number of pages that remain in the process. Making this process as short as possible gives you the chance to avoid your customers becoming frustrated, and this is without a doubt one of the most important things that you will need to consider when trying to reduce abandoned carts.

Make sure it is easy to navigate between your store and checkout page

If a customer gets to your checkout page, only to find that there is something that they have failed to add to their cart, they may wish to go back into the store to add something else. If your navigation isn’t seamless enough, they may find that this causes a certain amount of frustration, and if this is the case then there is always the chance that they would give up on the process before it was completed. Ideally, if another page is open, all of the pages will update the value of the cart, as this makes it much easier for your customer to keep track of the amount of money that they are spending.

Ensure that you have a clear returns policy

People can often have concerns about buying online because of the fact that returns can often be difficult – so it is important that you make this information as clear as you possibly can. If a user thinks that there is a high chance the product will have to be returned (for example if they are buying clothing and are unsure about the size that they need) they will need the assurance of being told exactly how this return will take place and how much money – if anything – it is going to cost them. If you make sure that this information is freely available, you should find that it reduces any worries that your customers might have about the process, and this will help reduce abandoned carts.


reduce abandoned carts

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Make sure that your pages load quickly

If you are online trying to make a purchase, it can be incredibly frustrating when you are greeted with slow loading pages, or pages that freeze every time you try to add something to your cart. By taking the time to test all of your pages carefully, you should find that you are able to keep your site up and running at a great speed, and in the long term this is likely to give your customers a much better user experience than they would otherwise have had.

Ultimately, if you have decided that eCommerce is the best choice for your business, then you will be aware that the sales that you secure are the main thing that will decide whether your store is a success or a failure. With this being the case, it is incredibly important that you take the time to think about how you can make the checkout process as seamless and stress free as possible, as this is without a doubt the best way to secure the highest number of purchases in the future.

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