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A breakdown of Shopify pricing

If you have made the decision to use the Shopify platform for your eCommerce store, then it is very important that you understand the Shopify pricing system. This means that you can factor in the amount of money that you are spending with your other financial considerations when it comes to running your store, and this should give you the best possible chance of turning a profit in the long term future. It is important that you consider all of your choices before making your final decision, as there is a chance that the decision that you make now could have a huge impact on the long term success of your store.

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Shopify pricing has a choice of five different price plans for its users, which means that there should be something to suit businesses of all sizes no matter what their needs, and this guide will help you to think about which price plan is right for you – and that should mean that you are able to make the perfect decision in the long term.

What are the different shopify pricing plans?

Shopify pricing

The Shopify pricing plans offered are Starter, Basic, Professional, Unlimited or Shopify Plus. Each one of the plans has different types of features that you are able to make the most of whilst running your store, and the more that you pay for your plan, the more powerful the tools are that you are provided with – giving you more and more options with what you are able to do. With so many different choices available to you, it can sometimes be difficult to make the perfect decision, but it is vital that you are able to do so as it is a decision that could have a drastic effect on your overall success in the long term.

Shopify Lite pricing

Cost: $9 per month

This plan is relatively simple, for those users who want to keep their store basic, and might not be expecting a huge number of customers – at least at the beginning while they get to grips with what eCommerce is all about. With this plan, you will have the benefit of being able to sell products on Facebook, and accept payments via credit cards – though there is a fee for accepting credit card payments. Not only this, but you can also use “buy” buttons on your website which will make it even easier for customers to make a purchase with your store. You won’t be given your own shopping cart, but the buy button may well be enough for your needs. This plan will deal with your invoices, too, meaning that it is one less thing to worry about – and it is certainly a great deal when you consider the amount of money that it costs per month for the membership, as you could probably earn this amount back in just a couple of sales.

This might be ideal for you if you’re new to eCommerce, and you’re just trying to start out in the industry and looking into Shopify pricing. It can be good to learn lessons about selling online, particularly if you only have a small and select number of products to be sold. If you make the decision to use this plan, you will only be able to have one staff account, but if you’re just starting out then you may well find that this is enough for your needs.

Shopify Basic

Cost: $29 per month

This is quite a big difference between the Shopify Lite option, and there are many additions with regards to the features that you are offered as a part of your plan. One of the main reasons that people choose this plan is because of the fact that they are able to upload unlimited products onto the store, which is a great benefit for those who may not be entirely sure about how many products they are going to be stocking. On this plan, you have the ability to offer discounts, which is great as it means that you have an additional way of encouraging customers to make purchases with your store. In addition, you have fraud analysis tools, which are useful to have. However, there are no gift card options, or the option to recover a shopping cart once it has been abandoned. With this plan, you are able to have two staff accounts which is a great improvement over the Lite plan. This is a good plan for businesses that want to sell lots of products at once, but who don’t want to make the commitment of paying for the Professional plan.

Shopify Professional

Cost: $79 per month

In addition to all of the features that are included in the previous plans, the Professional plan also includes abandoned cart recovery, reports and gift cards – which are a great addition to your business. Gift cards in particular are a fantastic option, as this gives you the opportunity to spread the word to more potential customers, and try to get more people buying products for your store. The ability to encourage customers to gift vouchers to friends and family should improve your outreach brilliantly. On this level of plan, you will also benefit from lower credit card fees, meaning that you save on every single transaction, and 5GB of storage which is a great improvement. This plan provides you with five staff accounts. The plan is ideal for businesses who need to sell lots of products and hope to expand quickly. The reports allow you to see how customers interact with the website, which gives you the opportunity to adapt it to the best of your ability. If you think that you’re going to get a large number of sales, then paying the extra for this plan could be worth it for the savings on credit card fees.

Shopify Advanced

Cost: $299 per month

Lots of the features from previous plans are advanced here, including more in depth reports, the ability to upload products easily and more effectively, and real-time carrier shipping. In addition, your credit card fees are even lower than in previous plans. This plan would work well for companies who would like the ability to add new products to their store regularly. You will get unlimited storage, which means that you can upload as many videos and photos as you like – both of which are certain to add to the user experience. You have 15 staff accounts on this plan, meaning that you will be able to make the most of a lot of support. If, however, this number of staff accounts isn’t enough for your needs, you will be able to get more by upgrading to the Shopify Plus plan, as detailed below.

Shopify Plus pricing

Cost: Quotes are made on an individual basis, so you would need to contact Shopify staff for more information about how much you would have to pay on a monthly basis for this plan to be added to your account.

With Shopify Plus, you are able to focus on the design of your store as well as the marketing aspect. Full hosting is provided, and there are no transaction fees – which is an incredible bonus above the other plans, particularly if you expect that you are going to have impressive sales figures. You get an incredible 200TB of storage, which would be difficult to fill, meaning that you’re almost certain to have as much space as you need for your store to be able to thrive. This plan would be ideal for large companies. This doesn’t mean that if you’re a smaller company you couldn’t make the most of this plan – as there is a lot to be said for things being automated, as this means that you would be able to focus on other aspects of your business.

Do I have to pay for domains?

shopify prices

The shopify pricing plans do not include domains, however you should find that the costs for these are relatively reasonable, and shouldn’t add too much to your yearly outgoings. You do need to make sure you consider this cost in your budget, though.

How much extra will I have to pay for apps and themes?

If there is something that you need that isn’t included in your shopify pricing plan, then you have the option of using the app store to make the most of what is available. You will find that a lot of the themes are free, which is enough for many companies, but the more powerful ones will cost money. Even with that being said, the most expensive of these themes is currently less than $200, and it is a one-off fee, so you might find that it is worth it as an investment into your company.

Making the final decision

The best way to make that final decision is to read through each of the plans, and consider whether it would be enough for your store. Choosing the right shopify pricing plan gives you the best possible chance of success when it comes to making a profit on your Shopify store, and this means that you can enjoy the success of this decision in the future.

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